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The xx cover Justin Timberlake's My Love on the Live Lounge

The xx broke out some retro JT on the BBC Live Lounge recently, covering his 2006 hit My Love. The electronic / indie act completely revamped the original R&B vibe and put their own spin on it. It's not an easy task to take on a number one hit by the prince of pop, but I'd say The xx outdid the original here.

Vocalists Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim turn the song into a low-key duet groove, which is a big departure from the vocal attack of JT and rapper T.I.

The London trio also performed their original Dangerous at the Live Lounge. The track is the album opener from their January LP I See You. The band forwent the three singles off the album in favour of the deep cut.

The xx talk unity in troubled times at Bestival performance

The xx made headlines yesterday with their headline performance at Bestival in Dorset. After playing a lowkey version of VCR from their debut album, Sim told the audience:

“I love festivals. We live in scary times. It’s quite isolating. So to have everyone together, forgetting all the bullshit in the world – it’s so important.”

The band are preparing to release a series of electronic tracks soon, Madley-Croft told the Courier recently:

"We’ve got plans to release our techno tunes. We’ve loved having more upbeat music in our set. We’ve remixed ourselves, there’s some older songs that we now play at 120 bpm."