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X-Planation release new industrial-tinged single Select Species

Q-Asar Music Productions act X-Planation made their debut on the label earlier this month with genre-hopping single Select Species. The single was released via the Q-Asar online store here and it will soon be available for streaming on Youtube as well. Select Species has an industrial touch and features aggressive synths and pads over a sequenced rhythm as well as breakbeat rhythms and phase effects.

X-Planation take the listener for a ride with tempo glitches, a cool breeze of synths and Foley samples, the combination of which keeps you on your toes throughout. A sense of aggression that brings to mind a punk influence is also present in the song, showcasing X-Planation's ability to fuse genres seamlessly. Chalk this one up for fans of experimental and forward-thinking music.

If you like what you hear, keep your eyes on our blog and store because X-Planation will be releasing some more music with Q-Asar Music Productions in the near future.

Q-Asar have showcased a range of genres with several new artists being debuted earlier this year. X-Planation is the first act on their roster to delve into areas such as industrial and punk. However the label has touched on several areas of electronic music with recent releases.

Pure Souls released the Violence single on Q-Asar in late April. The track is an instrumental drum and bass song that reflects on love, jealousy and the violence between people that can result. Violence features haunting synthesizers, a groovy bass line as well as sampled oriental instrumentation. The song is largely driven by aggressive breakbeats, although a melodic bridge changes the pace mid-way through.

Earlier in April Q-Asar act Sonic Pyramid released their single Replacement for the Stars. The song stood out from the label's recent single releases in that it prominently featured a hard rock-sounding electric guitar lead. The synthpop instrumental also mixed in electronic elements, namely eerie synthesized melodies and undulating synth basslines. It will be interesting to see where else the act goes with further releases after the evocative slowburn of Replacement for the Stars.

Prior to the April releases, dark pop group So Simple! shared their track Right with Q-Asar listeners. The group also gave the track a dance spin and released the resulting remix. Both tracks were initially available through the Q-Asar online store. Recently they have also been made available for streaming on Youtube.