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Watch The Weeknd sing "Starboy" And "False Alarm" live on SNL

Pop/R&B star The Weeknd performed his new songs "Starboy" And "False Alarm" on the SNL season premier earlier this week. The vocalist does "Starboy" flawlessly while he gives "False Alarm" a shot in the arm, raising the intensity compared to the slow burn studio track. The stunning Margot Robbie hosted SNL for the premier and introduces both of the live takes.

Daft Punk lends production skills to The Weeknds "Starboy"

The production on the former song was handled by iconic electronic group Daft Punk alongside Canadian record producers Cirkut and Doc McKinney. It's the lead single from his upcoming album Starboy, which is due out on November 25. The LP has got to be one of the most anticipated albums of the year, coming on the heels of last year's Beauty Behind the Madness. This album was a massive breakout success for the The Weeknd but the new singles are so hot I'm expecting Starboy to be even bigger.

The new material continues the pop, R&B and dance elements from Beauty Behind the Madness, but arguably gets even darker. Nothing like the disco-pop sounds of The Weeknd's megahit "Can't Feel My Face" has emerged so far from the album. "Starboy" was co-written by Abel and explores the extravagance of the celebrity lifestyle. He might be living large but with lines like "I switch up my cup, I kill any pain," and "We don't pray for love, we just pray for cars," it sounds like it can be a lonely ride at the top.

The Weeknd chops off iconic hairdo for new album

The SNL live appearances show off a new hairdo for the Weeknd, which fans have definitely noticed. The teaser for the SNL appearance even poked fun at the change in style. Fan comments ranged from "I'm glad Sideshow Bob's gone. That was terrible hair," and "Am I the only one that actually likes his new haircut? I don't know what it is about comparisons to Sideshow Bob's hair this week, but fans also compared the new do of 1975 singer Matt Healy to the Simpsons villain. We wrote all about band's performance with the BBC Philharmonic here.

We can assume that a big tour announcement will be made between now and the release of Starboy in November. The Weeknd only has one headline show lined up at the moment, which is at Del Valle, TX on October 23. He does have a number of South American festival appearances lined up early next year, but nothing like the usual album promotional tour.

Perhaps The Weeknd is only being careful so he doesn't disappoint fans again. He cancelled his appearance at Meadows Fest in Queens, NY not once but twice last month. Given the timing of the first cancellation it's likely it was done to enable him to perform on SNL. He explained the second cancellation on Twitter by saying "Due to the new curfew changes and scheduling I can no longer perform at Meadows. New York I'll make it up to you."