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Taylor Swift Released Her Most Awaited Song, “New Romantics”

Taylor Swift just released her new ‘new romantics” music video. But it has been speculated that this song is quite dissimilar from her past hit songs. To be direct, the song is cynical in nature. Her fans are not happy after the release of this song. Well, here is the reason. Taylor has made the video available only on iTunes, which is a paid service app of apple.

She has released her latest music through apple first time. The whole video of 4 minutes shows the footage of all her fans in the stadium, cheering for her. She says that the best part of her tour is her loving fans. They made her experience worth remembering.

Taylor swift’s ‘1989’ album has recently been awarded as ‘the album of the year’ at the 2016 iHeartRadio music award show in Las Vegas. She came to this music award show with her family and her renowned DJ boyfriend, Calvin Harris. The pop artist in her acceptance speech thanked her all time supporting fans and her loving boyfriend. She thanked him by citing his real name ‘Adam Wiles’. It was a serious ‘awww’ moment.

A country singer turned hit pop artist, is now this generation’s inspiration. She is also renowned for her squad, which consists of all big names in the industry. Her chain of contacts is very diverse. On her recent tour, she invited some famous celebrities on the stage. She loves her fans the most and done things no artist has ever done for their fans. Whether it is paying her fan’s student loan, attending the bridal shower or sending presents, she knows how to show love to her fans. Some of her hit songs are blank space, you belong with me, shake it off, 22, I knew you were trouble, wildest dreams, we are never ever getting back together, etc. and now her new song “the romantics’ is also going to be added to this hit list.

You can download her New Romantic song from iTunes. If you haven’t seen her new romantic, then here it is,