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X-Planation get aggressive with new techno/breakbeat single Crowd Control

Q-asar artist X-Planation have just dropped their fourth single Crowd Control. This track is an aggressive one, with plenty of big beats. Industrial, break-beat and techno elements combine in the song to create a memorable listening experience.

Crowd Control is now available for purchase and streaming via the Q-asar online store. You can also stream the track on YouTube.

The song gets its name from martial law tactics, and it's the aural equivalent of an in-your-face confrontation. Ambient synths work underneath the persistent drum beats and come to the fore when the song changes pace in the bridge. X-Planation also throw a curve-ball in at the end of the track, taking it in an unexpected direction.

X-Planation experiment with industrial, trance and ambient sounds

X-Planation have been very busy over the last 12 months. Their debut single on Q-Asar Music Productions was Select Species, which mixed industrial, punk and break-beat elements. Their second record Architect was a change of pace, with the mid-tempo number exploring dark trance and ambient sounds. X-Planation's third single was Momentum, which fittingly continued the trance sounds of Architect, although it also incorporated electronic and chillout elements.

X-Planation have continued to show their willingness to experiment and bring new sounds to Q-Asar. To date they are the most prolific artist on the roster, and we'll no doubt be hearing more from them soon.