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The Chainsmokers stream new LP Memories… Do Not Open in full

The Chainsmokers have finally dropped their debut album after dominating the charts for months on end, and you can hear it in full now via Spotify. The biggest duo in EDM have released a 12-track debut with a big pop focus. They've found what works and stuck with it, and I'm sure their fans won't be complaining.

The Chainsmokers tap Beyoncé's engineer to produce Memories… Do Not Open

Memories… Do Not Open includes recent hits Paris, Something Just Like This (with Coldplay) and piano ballad The One, which was released as a promo single last month. The Chainsmokers produced the album along with DJ Swivel, who is known for engineering several albums for Beyoncé.

Highlights aside from the singles include Break Up Every Night, which is an upbeat tune which has an (electronic) pop-punk vibe, and tells a story of a doomed relationship. LA trio Captain Cuts co-wrote and co-produced the track.

New York singer Emily Warren, who sang uncredited vocals on Paris, gets an official listing for her appearance on Don't Say and My Type. Both songs are absolutely gorgeous. Warren, who is also a songwriter, it the perfect complement for a downtempo pop/electronic song. No doubt we'll all hear the singles a million times in the coming months, but there's some interesting deeper cuts so the album is worth delving into.

Huge North American and European tours coming up

If you want to hear the material live, you're in luck. The Chainsmokers have booked an absolutely massive North American tour that kicks off on April 13. They'll play throughout the continent until June before jumping the pond and kicking off the UK/European leg of the tour on June 26. The group will return to their homeland for even MORE North American dates in July and August.

The Chainsmokers made headlines recently after trying to put their bro dude image to rest. In an interview with NME frontman Drew Taggart addressed the issue, commenting: "People are like, 'Oh my God, they’re such bros,' And we’re like, 'No! We’re making fun of bros!'" Alex Pall then put the icing on the cake with his comments: "I hope people can walk away from this article with a deeper sense of our purpose as artists and our true characters. We’re in this grey area where people are like, 'I don’t get it, are these guys a**holes or not?' I promise you, we’re not a**holes."

He's probably not going to change the minds of many detractors, but I'm sure the number one songs and hordes of female fans more than make up for it if Pall starts feeling down about it.