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Producer creates jaw-dropping analog Zelda soundtrack release

The Legend of Zelda games feature some of most enduring game soundtracks ever made, and like other classics, its influence has been felt across electronic music. One Texas producer has created a jaw-dropping take on Zelda: A Link to the Past, created entirely with analog synthesizers. Koji Kondo's original soundtrack was beautiful despite the technical limitations at the time, but hearing it redone with real instruments is a revelation.

Switched on SNES has more soundtracks coming

The release was created by Switched on SNES, a one-man project based in Lockhart, Texas. He states that he intends to release a series of soundtracks played on analog synthesizers and drum machines, the goal of which is to "expose listeners to the musical masterpieces that have been overlooked -- mostly because of the 16-bit instrumentation."

The Zelda soundtrack is the first of many, which will include Secret of Mana, Earthbound, Donkey Kong Country and more. Switched on SNES operates a BandCamp page to sell the music and states that the royalties from sales will go towards the Koji Kondo and Nintendo.

You can also stream the full soundtrack on YouTube. Switched on SNES commented with his personal account on YouTube to explain why he was charging for the BandCamp download: "I paid Koji hundreds of dollars for licenses, hope you can enjoy! I'm just charging so I can put out the cassette and license the other releases."

Surprise release gets big reaction from listeners

The material went live last month, but fans have already shown a big reaction. One of the more notable responses was Ben Spanos's comment: "HOLY PANTS MAN! The sound is so RAW, it's sending chills down my spine. Please, for the good of the planet, you have do the Super Metroid Soundtrack.?"

BandCamp user BlueH was also stoked, commenting: "As somebody who is going into an Electronic Music Technology course next year where we meddle with modular synths, this is a huge inspiration. I haven't really ever heard something this beautiful or atmospheric come from a group of analog synths."

Zelda release rides hype wave for Breath of the Wild

It's smart time to release a reinterpretation of A Link to the Past. The world is currently going wild for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Switch game has actually sold more copies that the newly released console itself. The statistic seems ridiculous but it's likely because of fans buying special edition copies as well as a regular game to play.