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Major Lazer will release four new songs this summer

Major Lazer have repeatedly hit the top of the charts with catchy but also forward-thinking electronic music, and we're about to get a whole lot more of it this summer: Diplo revealed in a recent Billboard interview that they have four new tracks on the way.

"We have more unreleased music than ever before right now. Major Lazer has always been a summer act; we’ve always had our streaks during the festival seasons. We’re a little late this year, but we’re going to start putting out records next month into May, a bunch of new singles."

"We have about four songs coming out before the summer is over. A lot of artists right now have proven that you can just flood the market with music."

It's huge news for electronic music fans. Wherever Major Lazer goes with their music, the mainstream seems to follow just behind. I'm sure whatever they've got up their sleeve will be epic.

Ariana Grande joins Major Lazer on new album

We've already got a sneak peek of who will be working with Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire on the new material. The band have so far named pop queen Ariana Grande and Cuban-Mexican vocalist Camila Cabello as collaborators. The band have apparently hit it off with Cabello in particular, as Diplo revealed they have made "over 20 songs" together so far. Other artists to appear on the trio's new material include WizKid, Wale, Tinashe and Jauz.

The new songs will presumably be part of Major Lazer's upcoming fourth studio album, Music is the Weapon, which is due out this year. The release is the band's first studio album since 2015's Peace is the Mission. The lead single from the album is the megahit Believer, which of course features Justin Bieber on the mic. There's also five other confirmed tracks to date, which include collabs from Nicki Minaj, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Bad Royale and Travis Scott.

World music project also in the works for Major Lazer

Major Lazer are also keeping busy with a music campaign called Tuborg OPEN. The group will collaborate with three artists from around the world to mix their local musical style with Major Lazer's island vibe. Diplo commented about the collaboration:

"It's going to be the same back beat for all of the artists to work on, which is very exciting.  Our collaborators are gonna add production, or maybe take it away, but we all agreed the beat we made had to be open to interpretation.  And it’s very open-ended, but it sounds like a Major Lazer song.  We're just excited to see what people are gonna do with it."