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Kraftwerk play live in Buenos Aires despite ban on electronic music shows

Electronic music luminaries Kraftwerk have beaten an attempt to ban them from playing live in Buenos Aires. The Mayor of the Argentinian capital banned electronic music festivals in July after six deaths at the Time Warp festival.

Show promotor Move Concerts made a successful court appeal against the Government Control Agency's attempt to have the Kraftwerk show cancelled. The new development was revealed by Argentinian publication La Viola. The German electronic music group are due to play at the city's Luna Park Stadium on November 23.

Buenos Aires Mayor bans electronic music festivals due to drug concerns

The whole affair is quite bizarre and is reminiscent of the stuffy minister in Footloose trying to ban the local kids from dancing. Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta introduced the ban on electronic music festivals until regulations to prevent drug deaths could be introduced. Despite not being a festival, the Kraftwerk show was threatened with cancellation because the group "uses synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument." A similar battle between Western authorities and promoters has been on-going, although luckily we haven't got the point of festivals being banned.

In addition to the six deaths at Time Warp, four others were admitted to hospital in critical condition. Authorities suggested the deaths were drug related, although attendees also reported the venue was overcrowded and had very poor ventilation.

The Buenos Aires show is part of a three-date South American tour. The performances will be Kraftwerk's final shows for 2016. The group will reconvene for European shows in May, 2017. UK fans will get to enjoy the first UK tour in 13 years in June.

Kraftwerk in the running for 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Kraftwerk recently made headlines for being nominated for the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Another pioneering electronic music group, Depeche Mode, also picked up a nomination. The Mayor of Buenos Aires would no doubt be horrified that all these synthesizer-based groups are going up against rockers like Steppenwolf.