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Ambient/folk artist Dreaming Waters releases stunning new single on Q-Asar

Dreaming Waters, Q-Asar's newest artist, brings a powerful voice to the table along with a unique genre-crossing sound. She combines ambient, electronic and folk influences to create deeply moving original music. Taking inspiration from luminaries such as Sigur Rós, Vangelis and Radiohead, the Lithuanian performer is sure to be turn the heads of discerning music listeners worldwide.

Dreaming Waters' debut single release on Q-Asar is "In the rest of your mind". The ambient/electronic song showcases her stunning vocals and writing talents. Her lyrics for the single are an exploration of the nature of consciousness and the interpretation of dreams and memories. You can find Dreaming Waters' artist page here and the single (available for streaming and purchase) in the Q-Asar music page here.

We recently spoke to Dreaming Waters to learn a bit about her life, music and inspiration as an artist. She also explained how "In the rest of your mind" is designed to help you take a journey within your own mind.  

Your music is very unique. What are elements which make up your musical vision?

"My music enfolds ambient, folk, electronics and world music. I strongly support songs written in native languages as they create diverse and unique soundscapes, maintaining the authenticity created by the symbiosis of every single culture, language and personal experiences. I always seek pure sounds, talking both about voice and instruments, often using not very clean and darker timbres and continuous change between the brightness and deepness, perpetual oscillation of consciousness."

How do you incorporate traditional music into your songs?

"I often use Lithuanian folk and various meditative, atmospheric sounds to create some different experiences to the listener. I love seeing foreigners listen to my Lithuanian lyrics and music, I love the reactions, then I translate it in order to transfer the message. 97 percent of my songs are in Lithuanian. By the way, we are small country now, but Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages alive in the world!"

What are the lyrics to In the rest of your mind about?

"I am always questioning the nature of consciousness, it is a very important theme for me - how various things mean to you through your dreams, when you are sleeping or daydreaming, or remembering your past… again with some memories that have already changed, were created or recreated by your consciousness. I am in a continuous oscillation between the concepts of reality and non-reality. This song is actually supposed to help one “travel” a little bit with his or her mind, without having any conditions of this journey. Just letting yourself experience."

What city/town are you based in?

"Kaunas, Lithuania."

Can you tell us about your career so far?

"I love performing live - it is around 10 years already, when I do it. I should say that during those years the concept and the style varied a lot, sometimes even pretty extremely, and I love experiencing different sound systems, trying to put myself into those sound-lyrics-culture contexts. I perfectly perceive that all those practices give you the result that you have in this moment, which will again most probably have some other forms and contents in the future."

What are some of the musicians/performers who inspire you?

"There are a lot of them, but mostly those whose music I experience very deeply, even though the style might be really different: Sigur Rós, John Surman, Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Thomas Newman, Radiohead and in general Lithuanian ethnic music and world music."

What releases have you completed in the past?

"In May 2016, I released my first album Atstumai, which translates to Distances. It is on iTunes, BandCamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and other worldwide platforms. I also have many tracks, not included in any albums. I love creating music for movies, games, relaxation. You can hear my original  ambient music playlist on SoundCloud here. I completed a soundtrack for a movie trailer, the music for which was based on a Lithuanian folk song Various songs that have been released for radio can be heard here.

*Note: Dreaming Waters was brought to live together with Q-Asar Music Productions with its specific concept, aiming at an international audience. Tamsaule still releases music independent from Q-Asar and is aimed at domestic audiences in Lithuania.

Why do you release music under the name Dreaming Waters?

"My work with Q-Asar is independent from Tamsaule. That’s why Dreaming Waters was created. Dreaming Waters also expresses this very original combination of music genres and styles."

Why did you choose to release your music through Q-Asar?

"I was looking for an international space to share my ambient, atmospheric, sometimes event ethnic soundscapes and I found a contest online. I applied, listened to the other Q-Asar artists and found myself sharing the concept."

What do you do when you aren't busy creating your original music? 

"I also write poetry, I love studying a lot, reading science or philosophical articles. We also own a live music club here in Lithuania, so I work a lot with organisational issues and with many great musicians!"