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Industrial is an experimental style of music which features non-traditional sounds and frequently explores controversial themes. Genesis P-Orridge formed Industrial Records in 1976 and this was the basis for the name of the genre. The label released music by several notable industrial acts including Cabaret Voltaire, SPK and P-Orridge's project Throbbing Gristle.

Early industrial was a fusion of rock, electronic and noise elements. The style is frequently confronting and abrasive. Electro-industrial developed in the 1980s and since grown into a vibrant international scene. Industrial rock/metal was also first heard in the '80s. Groups in this sub-genre, such as Ministry and Nine Inch Nails, released Platinum albums in the '90s, bringing industrial to mainstream audiences.

Early industrial acts influenced a diverse range of groups, helping to spawn genres such as power electronics, dark ambient, electronic body music, industrial pop and power noise. 

An example of a Q-Asar artist which incorporates industrial elements is X-Planation.