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Drum and bass is a form of electronic music which originated in England in the early '90s, developing out of the rave and jungle scenes. The style features hectic breakbeats in the 150-180 BPM range, driving basslines, samples and extensive use of synthesizers.

Drum and bass artists began finding commercial success from the mid-90s onwards. The style, while remaining most popular in the UK, spread out to scenes in Europe, America and Australia.

The genre is past its commercial peak but remains popular, partially through the wide array of sub-genres that have developed. Drum and bass sub-genres include breakcore, hardstep, techstep, darkstep, ambient drum and bass, sambass and neurofunk.

Notable drum and bass producers include Goldie, LTJ Bukem and Noisia.

Q-Asar artist Pure Souls features drum and bass elements in their music.