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Chillout music is a mid-tempo form of electronic music with a mellow style. Chillout was first developed in the early 90s for use in chill rooms at clubs, where low-key music was played to allow people to take a break from the more hectic music played on the main rooms.

Influential chillout artists include Moby, Air and Paul Kalkbrenner. London duo The KLF released the ambient house LP Chill Out in 1990, which is frequently cited as a seminal album in the genre.

Chillout does not have firm boundaries and frequently artists cited as such fall into other styles of electronic music. Genres that crossover with chillout include trip hop, ambient and downtempo. 

Chillout acts on the Q-Asar roster include Dreaming Waters, X-Planation and Heptagon's Secret