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Trent Reznor is the type of guy who has always been able to get a killer line-up of players together for his band. The revolving door line-up hasn't stopped some legendary musicians joining.


Depeche Mode have dropped their intense new album Spirit, which is streaming in full via Spotify. The lead single doesn't pull any punches with the provocative title Where's the Revolution.


The Chainsmokers clearly aren't leaving the big stage, despite the naysayers. The electronic duo just matched a massive chart record previously only held by The Beatles and Bee Gees.


Dreaming Waters is an atmospheric, ambient, chillout music project of a female artist from Lithuania. Both music and lyrics here appear as a way and stimulus for some kind of a mind travelling, an excitation to let one feel free as one is.


Heptagon's Secret's modern electronic sound enchants the listener from the very first note. From the dreamy loops to the mesmerizing drum beats, Heptagon's Secret has a sound that takes the listener on an electrifying journey through a perfectly curated, hypnotic soundscape.


Pure Souls is making music purely from the heart and combines deep emotions with top skilled technical productions.


So Simple! employs jazz synth sounds,heavy acid-drop beats and dark vocals that make for a truly emotional listening experience.

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